Resilient Minds

Resilient Minds Offered by Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue July 13, 14, 2019

The Resilient Minds course educates first responders about trauma so they know how to recognize signs of illness so that they can get support sooner. The program is unique in that it is designed by CMHA and delivered by firefighters. 

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Cost: $250

Dates: July 13, 14,  2019
Salt Spring Island
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Driver Instructor

Driver Instructor Offered by: Frontline Training 
July 13, 14, 2019

This program is designed to give instructors the basics behind coaching drivers through a training exercise to meet the NFPA Standards 1002, 1401, 1451 and 1500 and to meet the objectives of identifying, evaluating and controlling the risks of operating fire department vehicles. It covers the need to do training through the various regulations that affect the fire service as well as important issues regarding the operation of heavier vehicles in the fire service. The entire course program covers 2 days at the end of which instructors will have the knowledge to carry on with a driver training program in their respective departments or areas. Through theory and hands on exercises, instructors will learn specific techniques to help them train drivers thoroughly and safely in the operation of fire department vehicles.
Prerequisite: Class 5 license with Air Brakes endorsement
Cost: $800
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Date: July 1…

Incident Safety Officer (ISO)

Incident Safety Officer (NFPA 1521) Offered by VIERA 
July 13, 14, 2019

This one-day course examines the Incident Safety Officer's role at emergency response incidents. There is a specific focus on operations within the Incident Command System (ICS) as a Safety Officer. The participant will be able to identify and analyze safety concerns as they relate to all-hazards scene evaluation, and communicate recommended solutions to the Incident Commander. 

The five modules of this course are: 
 Role of the Incident Safety Officer 
 Regulations, Standards and Policies 
 Recordkeeping and Documentation 
 Risk Management 
 Incident Considerations 

Course Delivery will include interactive classroom presentation. 

Reference Manual: Jones and Bartlett, Incident Safety Officer 3rd edition  

Tuition: $325

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Successful students will be certified to NFPA 1521 Incident Safety Officer and will be registered with Pro Board.

Date: July 13, 14, 2019  Salt Spring Island 232 Rainbow Roa…

Water Rescue Ops

Surface Water Rescue Operations  Offered by Dynamic Rescue Systems (DRS)  
July 13, 14, 2019

Course comprises:
Day 1
-introduction to water rescue -drowning profiles and victim types -scene assessment & size up -rescuer safety -PPE -the Ladder approach -risk vs. benefit -low risk rescues -treatment of different patient types -swimming techniques -water entry options -rescuer defense techniques -contact rescues for different victim profiles (high risk) -handling spinal patients (rollovers) -removing spinal patients on spine board -search techniques
Day 2
-introduction to boat rescue -rescuer considerations -boat limitations -boat rescues -removals
There will be a practical skills evaluation, written evaluation and team scenarios.

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Cost: $400

Students can supply their own Water Rescue equipment (suit, helmet, gloves, PFD, boots, knife & toss bag) or rent it from Dynamic Rescue at a charge of $150.

Dates: July 13, 14, 2019
Salt Spring Island
#TIP 2019


Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) - Operations Offered by Dynamic Rescue Systems July 13, 14, 2019

The DRS Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) Training Program is designed to increase the personal proficiency for firefighters and officers who might be involved in interior attack firefighting operations. Successful students will be capable of rescuing fellow firefighters who become lost, injured, trapped, incapacitated or disoriented in the course of an emergency or training operation.
This course is designed in accordance with NFPA 1407, 1710 and 1720 and all training evolutions are consistent with NFPA 1407 – Standard for Training Fire Service Rapid Intervention Crews.
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Cost: $400

Dates: July 13, 14, 2019
Salt Spring Island
#TIP 2019

Forcible Entry

Forcible EntryOffered by Training Resurrected through DRS
All courses that deal with making difficult access in an emergency response situation. 
There are few tasks on the fire-ground that directly affect the time it takes to get water on the fire more than forcible entry. This class starts with the basic fundamental skills required for successful forcible entry techniques for residential and light commercial occupancy, and expands on how to adapt existing skills to perform forcible entry in tight spaces and low visibility as well as learn non-destructive techniques for gaining access into locked spaces, and progress to the most advanced techniques.
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Cost: $450
Dates: July 13, 14, 2019 Salt Spring Island
#TIP 2019


Fire Service Instructor Level 1 Offered by: Fireworks Consulting Inc. July 12 - 14, 2019

This three-day intensive course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to design and deliver an interactive lesson. The participants will learn about the theories of modern adult education and their application within fire service training by using techniques to maximize participant learning. The participants will practice teaching skills during in-class project presentations. This course utilizes dynamic interactive lectures, case studies, and class discussions.
· Connecting with the Adult Learner · Understanding Various Learning Styles · Motivating the Adult Learner · Using Evaluation Instruments · Organization of the Classroom Environment · Completing Training Records and Reports
Prerequisites: None
Reference Manual: IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Instructor 8th Edition 
Date: July 12, 2019 Time: 1300 to 1630
          July 13, 14, 2019 Time: 0830 to 1630

Tuition: $525

Registration: TIP Regi…

Facts Not Fear

Construction Under Fire: Facts Not Fear Today’s fire service is being inundated and altered by an outside source like never before in its history. The internet and social media play an incredibly powerful role with the ability to easily access and share information, but unfortunately there are a lot of myths and misinformation that come along with it. This class will look at some of the most common myths relating to various building construction materials and systems.

Bio: James Johnson is a firefighter in British Columbia, Canada where he is member of the Special Operations Technical Rescue Team for his department. Before becoming a career firefighter, James spent a number of years in the construction industry and completed an apprenticeship as a Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter. James is a technical committee member for NFPA 5000, 220, and 221, the International Code Council Representative for the International Association of Fire Fighters, FDIC instructor, and lectures internationally on the …

Accommodations for TIP 2019 on Salt Spring Island

Training in Paradise Accommodation

We have blocked some group rates for the #TIP2019 weekend at the:

Seabreeze InneHarbour House HotelCottages on Salt Spring Island
Please contact them directly and mention you are attending Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue TIP weekend. These rooms are being held until Monday, June 10th. Make sure to book early to get your preferred location and room type! 

Farmers Institute camping can be booked through our registration page while signing up for your course. TIP 2019 Registration will be available online Monday, March 25, 2019. The link will be posted here.

Seabreeze Inne - Block: 14 rooms total from July 11-14, 2019 Standard room $146.16Standard room with kitchen $160.27Deluxe room with AC $170.35Deluxe room with kitchen $183.32The above inclusive of taxes.

Harbour House Hotel- available rooms from July 12-15, 2019 Patio King Room – 5 available @ $275 plus taxes per nightFarm View Double Rooms – 5 available @ $195 plus taxes  Farm…

TIP Featured in Canadian Firefighter Magazine

Training in Paradise  Featured in Canadian Firefighter magazine

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Getting to Salt Spring Island

Coming to Salt Spring Island in July for the Summer Training Weekend?  Make sure you check the BC Ferry web site for reservations, and schedules. 
Here is some great info to get you started.  See you in Paradise