Emergency Service Scribe

Emergency Service Scribe

Offered by: Frontline Scribe

The Scribe reports directly to an Incident Commander and takes the notes, not of the event, but for one person. The notes include but are not limited to  decisions, with rationale; information/ intelligence that comes to the IC; information supplied or tasks assigned by the IC; plan approvals with appropriate authority noted; Mission / Objective statements; legal authorities, requests for plans; briefing specifics, information on Command and Communications structure; logistical considerations; resources or assets deployed, among other information. A Scribe can be assigned to anyone who is a decision maker at your event, and who may have to articulate not just what they did, but why they did it then, at future legal proceedings. The notes are also used to develop best practices, and demonstrate the professionalism exercised at incidents by your agency.

Scribes are also trained in Command Post Boards, based on SMEAC – Situation, Mission, Execution, Admin/Assets, Command/Control/Communications. SMEAC boards provide a snapshot of an event and are used as logical tool to organize information visually for incoming personnel, for transfer of Command and for the purpose of briefing.

Scribe skills can transfer to personal note taking as well as event logs. The course is a combination of presentation, with practice, culminating in a scenario to put the pieces together.

Fiona Flanagan, President and Founder of Frontline Scribes has over 30 years of service with the RCMP and over twenty with the RCMP Critical Incident Command (CIC) Program. Find out more at frontlinescribe.com
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Cost: $250

Dates: July 13, 14,  2019
Salt Spring Island
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