It's Not Weak to Speak

First Responder Family Program
Offered by Camp My Way

Our family program offers self help natural tools, education and knowledge.
With education comes a better understanding so we are able to recognize, prevent, manage and de-stigmatize Post Traumatic Stress, Mental Health and Substance Abuse challenges at home and in the workplace.
Connecting with other Emergency Service Providers  and their family members who have lived with similar problems / solutions or is perhaps still doing so, can be a vital link for someone struggling with their own situation.  Our unique program offers an effective trauma prevention, stress management, recovery strategy, and will also moderate the effects of life-challenging events and provide a sense of empowerment.
Research also indicates that peer support can help a person gain control over their symptoms, reduce hospitalization, offer social support and improve quality of life. The information, empowerment and hope that comes from someone who has been in their shoes can help a person better navigate the often complicated maze of treatments and other forms of assistance.

Core Learnings - True Health Care is Self Care

  Recognize signs and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress / Substance abuse
Physical,  Emotional, Mental Health Fundamentals
Trauma, Numbing, Avoidance Unpacked
Trauma Strength / Growth Explored
Suicide Awareness / Prevention /  Intervention
Emotional Agility & Resiliency
Having Your Back Means Honesty, Clear Communication, Empathy, Care

Register: TIP 2018 Registration
Cost: $260 per Family (16 yrs and older) All funds donated to Camp My Way Society
Dates: July, 14, 15, 2018


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