First In

First In and All Alone 

Offered by Training Resurrected

July 14, 15, 2018

Throughout North America, budget restraints and dwindling volunteer numbers are having a major impact on the fire service. For the majority of fire departments short-staffed fire companies have become the norm, but the amount of work that needs to accomplished during a fire has not changed.

For this class, we will be tackling some of the issues facing short-staffed engine companies and will provide tips and tricks for accomplishing the large amount of work that needs to be completed in the first few minutes.

This will be a completely hands on class and will cover topics such as: hose deployment and maneuvering, 1 and 2 firefighter forcible entry, 1 person ladder placement, tips for the active pump operator, and much more.

Cost: $450 (Pending)

Dates: July 14, 15, 2018
Fire Hall #2
Salt Spring Island
#TIP 2018