Water Rescue Ops

Surface Water Rescue Operations 
Offered by Dynamic Rescue Systems (DRS)  
July 14, 15, 2018

Course comprises:

Day 1

-introduction to water rescue
-drowning profiles and victim types
-scene assessment & size up
-rescuer safety
-the Ladder approach
-risk vs. benefit
-low risk rescues
-treatment of different patient types
-swimming techniques
-water entry options
-rescuer defense techniques
-contact rescues for different victim profiles (high risk)
-handling spinal patients (rollovers)
-removing spinal patients on spine board
-search techniques

Day 2

-introduction to boat rescue
-rescuer considerations
-boat limitations
-boat rescues

There will be a practical skills evaluation, written evaluation and team scenarios.

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Cost: $400

Dates: July 14, 15, 2018
Salt Spring Island
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