Emergency Services Drone Pilot Course (UAV)

Emergency Services Drone Pilot Course
Offered by Indro Robotics 
July 6, 7, 8, 9, 2017

The UAV Training Program consists of:

UAV Ground School– Four half days provided by our certified flight instructors. 
At the end of the program, students will receive a test and on passing will gain a Transport Canada certified UAV Pilot Certificate
Course will cover:
Section 1 Air Law and Procedures,
Section 2 Navigation and Radio Aids,
Section 3 Meteorology,
Section 4 Airframes, Engines and Systems,
Section 5 Theory of Flight,
Section 6 Flight Instruments,
Section 7 Flight Operations,
Section 8 Human Factors, and
Section 9 Radio Telephony:

Hands on flight training – four half days provided by our certified flight instructors, on rotary UAV of various types. 
Work will cover basic operations of UAV and will allow multiple flights for all students, on completion the student will be supplied with access to on line refresh course, t-shirt and training video. 
Course will cover:
---------all students all skill levels-------------
Exercise 1. Familiarization,
Exercise 2. UAV Familiarization and Preparation for Flight,
Exercise 3. Hand Controller,
Exercise 4. Take-off, Hover and Landing,
Exercise 5. Attitudes and Movements,
Exercise 6. Vertical Flight and Altitude Hold,
Exercise 7. Lateral and Longitudinal Flight,
---------depending on skill levels--------------
Exercise 8. Translating Flight,
Exercise 9. Hovering Turns,
Exercise 10. Circular Flight about Pilot,
Exercise 11. Walking the Dog,

Exercise 00. Emergency Procedures. 
Advanced training can be requested and pre booked covering;

Exercise 12. Figure Eights,
Exercise 13. Approach and Landing,
Exercise 14. The Circuit,
Exercise 15. Low Flying,
Exercise 16. Precautionary and Forced Landings,
Exercise 17. Pilot Navigation,
Exercise 18. Night Flying, and
Exercise 19. Multirotor Type Conversion

Dates: July 6,7,8,9, 2017

Price $1000.00 per student

Registration: TIP 2017 Registration

232 Rainbow Road
Salt Spring Island